Jody Wright Commissioned Paintings

14" Original Canvas of Your Dog or Cat

Interested in getting a special order commission of your dog or cat (or any other animal)?

Here's what you need to get started. A 14" x 14" original painting on canvas (acrylic), gallery wrapped (painted on all edges) and ready to hang on your wall runs $300 + $25. shipping (We ship in the continental U.S. only).

For this size, it will be a close-up face portrait like what you see below.  I also need a great photo of your companion animal to get started. Only one pet per canvas. Be sure to tell me what colors you love (and what colors you hate).  I can include many colors in the abstract background.  Email your photos, etc. to:

You can pay by credit card/Paypal using the secure link below.  All orders must be prepaid.

(Other sizes are available and I'll be happy to give you a quote on any size you need).
Questions?  Just email me:

Placeholder Picture

Provide me with a great photo of your companion animal like this.

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Final painting on canvas by Jody Wright.

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"Pretty Blue Eyes" by Jody Wright

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