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ABOVE, FROM LEFT: "Jupiter" by Alex Kveton, Interior by Cabell Design Studio, and "Takou" by Carl Wright


How, Why, Where

This Sunday, February 23rd, at 2pm
3554 W Cary St, Richmond, VA, 23221
PLEASE RSVP TO:  (804) 204 1048  or

Here at the gallery, we see it quite often: clients consider purchasing a 3-dimensional artwork that appeals to them, and in the end, decide against it. The feedback we get most often is that sculpture is interesting and unique (maybe they even love it), but clients have trouble visualizing how it would work in their home or environment. If you have ever felt this way about any type of 3-dimensional art or glasswork, we know exactly how you feel! That is why we have teamed up with some colleagues to bring you a special, informative event that will address all of your questions and concerns. Here you can find out exactly how to choose and place sculptural artwork in order to successfully enhance your own space, and make your collection more varied and exciting!

Join us for this one-day-only special event, where stone sculptor Carl Wright ( Carl Wright at WSG Gallery) and metal sculptor Alex Kveton ( Sculptures by Alex Kveton) talk about how and why they make 3D artwork, and local interior designer Elizabeth Cabell ( Cabell Design Studio) presents on why every home or space can benefit from the addition of sculptural artwork, and how to choose the most appropriate one for your environment!

For anyone looking to expand their collection or their artistic horizons, this is an event not to be missed. These three successful experts in the field of sculpture will share their extensive knowledge and experience, and will be on hand to chat with you directly and answer specific questions. The gallery itself will be populated with a variety of 3-dimensional offerings in stone, various metals, bronze, wood, and a large collection of art glass, with knowledgeable gallery representatives available to provide specific information about the works on view.


Please join us along with designer:
Elizabeth Cabell
and artists:
Carl Wright, and Alex Kveton
This Sunday, February 23rd, 2014, at 2pm

This event is presented free of charge, however:

V I S I T   U S   A T . . .

3554 W CARY ST, RICHMOND, VA, 23221


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