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Coordinate Harmony in Rockville, MD

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Coordinate Harmony installed at the Rockville Civic Center Park on Edmonston Road in Rockville, MD
in the Sculpture on the Grounds Exhibit.  Rockville is the county seat of Montgomery County.

Coordinate Harmony will be on display from May 29, 2013 through October 2013.
Opening Reception is June 2, 2013




Coordinate Harmony measures:
18" x 18" x 64" tall 
weighs 1200 lbs approx.
and is made of Indiana Limestone

Three other Sculptors work at Sculpture on the Grounds
Constellation by Sam Noto Constellation by Sam Noto
Painted Steel, 88" x 36" x 30", 150 pounds
Toad by John Mor Visions by Jeff Chyatte
Steel, 34" x 24" x 19";
60 pounds
High Carbon Steel & Aluminum,
13' (h) x 6' (w) x 2' (d); 200 pounds


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