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2-Part Sculpture joined with 3 brass rods
Green with Brown Striations
1st sculpt – 8"w x 3"d x 16"t
2nd sculpt – 8"w x 5" d x 15 1/2" t
Base – 9" x 12" black granite
For Inside  Installation

avail. Gina Woodruff Gallery



Watch a 20 second video of the Embrace Sculpture

Embrace is one of the Tranquil Series of Sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include:  Cherish Kanryuu, Ookawa, Ptolmey1, SecureStillness, Taihei 1, and Taihei 2.

Embrace  is about  the differences and similarities that bind us as couples and lovers. Two different stones bonded together by promises (the brass rods - by metaphor the wedding band). The two stones are as much different as similar.  Similar colors, somewhat similar overall design.  Like couples, one is taller the other shorter - just like in life.They are as one.  This is an  intimate sculpture about relationships. Embrace is closely related to Cherish and Secure.

About the Tranquil Series
The series, Motion, Striving, & Music are about the ability of stone to move or be in motion.  The
Tranquil Series  is just the opposite - it is the ability to be still or quiet.  These sculptures are quiet but joyous works that do not have to shout to gain attention.  They exist.  They just are.


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