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Translation: rise or climb

Green/brown Utah alabaster on a white marble base.
13" w x 6"d x 18"t    base: 11"w x 7"d
For Inside  Installation

avail. WSG Gallery
Will deliver for free in 40 mile radius
of Martinsburg, WV


See Noboru in Hypothetical Business & Residential Settings

Noboru  is part of the Striving Series of Sculptures. It joins other sculptures that include: Eihei, Gambari, Ikkyou, Kourin, Kyouko, Seidai, Shikou, and  Toorimichi.  

With Noboru I wanted to show happy or joyful motivation in a monolithic sculpture.  It was obvious from the beginning that Noboru did not need a void.  If Kourin was about aspiring to new mental or physical heights, Noboru was about the joy of discovering that new goals and heights were possible.

The Striving Series is composed of sculptures that either are inspiring (by trying to motivate you onward) or strong (conveying an attitude of not backing down).

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