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Ptolmey 1
Italian White/Clear Alabaster with Granite Base
9"d x 12"w x 13"t, Base: 10" x 10"
For Inside  Installation


Ptolmey 1 is one of the Tranquil Series of Sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include:  CherishEmbrace, Kanryuu, Ookawa, SecureStillness, Taihei 1, and Taihei 2.

Ptolmey 1 is a restful sculpture and also has a special quality. Ptolmey 1  causes you to slow down to appreciate  it.  It's delicate color contrasts with the blockiness of the design.  Ptolmey 1 undulates back and forth, in and out and slowly seems to move in front of your eyes.  The special quality that it has is that the Italian Alabaster is semi-translucent.  When light is put behind it,  it radiates a sunny glow. Secure shares the same translucent quality.

 About the Tranquil Series
The series, Motion, Striving, & Music are about the ability of stone to move or be in motion.  The
Tranquil Series  is just the opposite - it is the ability to be still or quiet.  These sculptures are quiet but joyous works that do not have to shout to gain attention.  They exist.  They just are.

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