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Translation: Grand, Magnificent
Burnt Sienna/Brown/Crimson Utah Alabaster
8" x 14" x 28"
For Inside  Installation


Seidai is part of the Striving Series of Sculptures. It joins other sculptures that include: Eihei, Gambari, Ikkyou, Kourin, Kyouko, Noboru, Shikou, and  Toorimichi.

Seidai is a swirl of color and motion.  Seidai is a very assertive sculpture.  In the far left picture above - an elephants head and trunk can be detected - a sign of Seidai's nature.  Wise, grand, and a very large presence in a medium tall sculpture.

The Striving Series is composed of sculptures that either are inspiring (by trying to motivate you onward) or strong (conveying an attitude of not backing down).

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