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"Taihei 2"
Translation: Peace, Tranquility
White Vermont Marble with black striations.
8"w x 6"d x 24"t
For Inside  Installation




Taihei 2 is one of the Tranquil Series of Sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include:  Cherish Embrace, Kanryuu Ptolmey1, Ookawa, SecureStillness, and Taihei 1.

Taihei 2  is a restful sculpture. Taihei 2 slowly emerges from it's base and slowly evolves to its bulbous top. Then back down again on its stippled back.  It is a mirror image of  Taihei 1.  Stylistically, Taihei 1 and Taihei 2 can "bookend" two sides of an opening to make a indicate that you are entering a quiet room that is a retreat.

About the Tranquil Series
The series, Motion, Striving, & Music are about the ability of stone to move or be in motion.  The
Tranquil Series  is just the opposite - it is the ability to be still or quiet.  These sculptures are quiet but joyous works that do not have to shout to gain attention.  They exist.  They just are.

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