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This is one of a continuing series of articles on discovering, buying, commissioning, and displaying art.  If you would like to see more articles click on this link: WSG Articles

A. Before Seeing the Sculptor:   

            • Find a primary location and one or two backup locations that need sculpture.  One location  might not be just right and it is good to have another location that would serve just as well.

            • Take pictures of where the sculpture is to go: both the primary and backup locations.  What is the sculpture to do?

                    1. Evoke an emotion, mood, or feeling?
                    2. Symbolize a significant moment for you?
                    3. Be in the same style as other sculptures that you have seen? 

• Check several different sculptors websites or art galleries to see the kind of work they do.
                     1. After surveying several sculpture websites:
                              a. Make sure that the sculptor you choose has done several sculptures in the material that you are interested in - stone, welded steel, cast bronze, etc.  
                              b. Regardless if you are interested in a sculpture based on a human or an abstract, make sure they have done more than one or two sculptures in a style that you like.
                              c. Pick out several sculptures off the sculptors' website that you are particularly drawn
 to so that you can have a visual way to communicate with the artist.  Bring along copies of these sculptures, to the sculptor/client meeting - see below, so that you can point to the sculptures that particularly speaks to you.

            • Based on the artist's price of other sculpture, determine the budget you want to spend on the sculpture.                                     

                  B. Sculptor/Client Meeting

                                • Show sculptor pictures of possible locations for sculpture, discuss total budget, optimal delivery
                  time for you, and show sculptor examples of sculpture or mention which of his pieces that appeals to
                  you.  This can be done in-person or by email.

                C.  After initial Sculptor/Client Meeting

                               •  If required, Sculptor makes basic scale models and/or computer mockups of proposed
                 sculpture(s) and estimates costs/charges and sends them to you.

               D.  Client Approval & Agreement

                                After your approval, sculptor and client will sign an agreement stating goals, budget,
                payment  schedule and delivery time.
                                Sculptor receives deposit.
                                If required by agreement and included in price, Sculptor makes a full-sized model in foam for
                placement at your location for approval

            E.  After Contract Approval

                                Order Stone and begin sculpture.  Send periodic photos if necessary.
                                Half-way preview (if appropriate/provided for in agreement)
                                Final Payment

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