About The Artist

Jody Wright grew up in Anaheim, California, not too far from Disneyland. Her childhood years were spent with her family that always encouraged her rich imagination, camping in the mountains, desert and ocean, fishing for rainbow trout, hiking in the High Sierras, and working in her parents store in a desert resort area. Today, Jody’s husband of 40 years, her mom and two rescued dogs (both Labrador mixes) reside with her in a large Victorian home in West Virginia.

Jody attended George Washington University and the University of Maryland before graduating from Shepherd College with a BA in Fine Arts.

Her early work began in stained glass where she ran a business for 15 years with her husband. In 2004 Jody began shifting to painting, starting with her portrayal of colorful dogs and cats. She also wrote a book, “50 Secrets Humans Should Know” where she combined her paintings and inspiration bits of wisdom she had learned from her companion animals. It sold nearly 50,000 copies. She also showed at contemporary galleries nationwide.

By 2008, she felt she’d said everything she needed to say in animal paintings and began to move to Abstract Expressionism. Jody now enjoys the freedom of using paint to express herself in new ways on canvas. Although still having the love of color that she used in prior works, she is open to express movement and joy – unfettered by forms of nature.

“I paint from a place of great joy and gratitude for all I have experienced and am excited each day to experience even more with paint and canvas! Beauty is what truly makes my heart sing. Best of all - I get to share that beauty with others to create environments that breathe happiness.”