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Imagine a lone animator working away without a cast of thousands.  No scriptwriters.  No character developers. No staff.  Simply the imagination!

That's what Jody Wright does.  She loves storytelling through animation and IMAGINATION.  

Secrets Human Kids Should Know

by Jody Wright
Jody has taken her original art and created a fun story about a boy who sets out on a journey to find if the stories his grandmother has been telling him are really true! Along the way, he picks up on some great dog tips. Throughout the story you'll get to enjoy the original paintings of the artist. And if you want to celebrate by treating yourself with a t-shirt (available in all sizes from kids to kids at heart!), print/poster or original paintings from the animated short - just click on the tabs above.

Enjoy the journey!

The Great Alien Pancake Escape

by Jody Wright
A quirky alien tale about what happens when a pantaka (humans call them pancakes) doesn't want to be someone's breakfast and decides to escape his fate instead.
Written & animated by Jody Wright. Narrated by Carl & Jody Wright.
This story was based on a non-alien Norwegian folktale created in the 1880's.

Are you an ALIEN lover?  There's a t-shirt for all ages on the t-shirt link above.  It proudly proclaims, "Embrace Your Inner Alien!". 

Come on.  You know you have one!  They often come out in the morning, just as one wakes up.