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Dove Gray Indiana Limestone
9" x 12" x 24" tall
for Inside or outside Installation

Counterpoint is a new sculpture that joins the Music Series of Sculpture.  It joins other sculptures that include Aria, Crescendo, Rhapsody, Syncopation, and Senritsu (Melody).   

Counterpoint is about regeneration, music and motion.  Counterpoint is rising and regenerating just like the beginning overture of an opera.  Counterpoint is rising from its slumber to become an alive representation of music.

About the Music Series
Music is an ephemeral medium.  It exists as a two-dimensional entity on a sheet of paper called a score.  It exists as a momentary auditory experience in a performance.  The Music Series is my way of making a two-dimensional/momentary experience a tangible three-dimensional solid.
These gentle sculptures sway (metaphorically because of their design) to a music they either hear or are producing.


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