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"Rhapsody" Sculpture by Carl Wright. 14"w x 9"d x 40"t. Limestone.  Represented by: WSG Gallery, Martinsburg, WV. $6,500. Rhapsody
Dove Gray Indiana Limestone
14"w x 9"d x 40"t

Inside or outside


Rhapsody is a part of the Music Series of sculptures.  It joins other sculptures that include Aria, Counterpoint, Crescendo, Syncopation, and Senritsu (Melody)

I see Rhapsody as a singer, well-trained and confident, caught in the moment before opening her mouth to start singing in a nightclub setting. Rhapsody is about being a confident person in a competitive environment.  Aria is stylistically similar to Rhapsody.

About the Music Series
Music is an ephemeral medium.  It exists as a two-dimensional entity on a sheet of paper called a score.  It exists as a momentary auditory experience in a performance.  The Music Series is my way of making a two-dimensional/momentary experience a tangible three-dimensional solid.
These gentle sculptures sway (metaphorically because of their design) to a music they either hear or are producing.

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