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Striving Series
The Striving Series is composed of sculptures that either are inspiring (by trying to motivate you onward)
or strong (conveying an attitude of not backing down). These sculptures are characterized by their
appearance of an unyielding/unmoving stance or assertive direction-orientated stance. These
sculptures use the reality of the hardness of stone to reinforce their message.

Click on each picture to see the translation, sizes and where the sculpture is available.

Eihei - Sold
Ganbari - Sold Ikkyou - Sold Kourin
avail. WSG Gallery
Kyouko - Sold Noboru
avail. WSG Gallery
Seidai - Sold
Shikou - Sold

Other Sculptures
by Theme

Motion Theme

Music Theme

Tranquil Theme

 Exuberant Series


Toorimichi - Sold    


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